Justin Bieber And Usher Face Ten Million Dollar Copyright Lawsuit Over A Song

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You might remember the song, Somebody To Love, which was one of the hit tracks on Justin Bieber’s 2010 Album, My World 2.0

The song which Usher was said to have shared with Bieber, was said to have been composed by two Virginia songwriters and has the same chords, beat pattern, lyrics and time signature and even the same name!


However, Bieber might have released his own single in 2010, followed by a remix which was also a hit, with Usher, the songwriters who are suing Usher and Bieber recorded their own version of the song in 2008.

The lawsuit was revived from 2013 when it was initially dismissed and Usher and Bieber are being sued for ten million dollars.

If this is true, we wonder when these Artiste would learn to give credits?

It should be remembered that Robin Thicke, Pharell and T.I just lost a lawsuit against them by Marvin Gaye’s family over Thicke’s 2013 hit single, Blurred Lines.

Wonder when this would stop.



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