Jack Daniels Single Barrel Trip to Lynchburg Tennessee and New Orleans

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Owners and Representatives of Quilox, The Place, Play Abuja, Road Runners, Caribbean Lounge Abuja and Megaletrics Ltd enjoy an Activity Packed Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Trip to Lynchburg Tennessee and New Orleans


Chris Ubosi, Niran Odulana, Shina Peller, Frank Okamigbo, Charles Okpaleke & Abubakar Atodo Isah
Chris Ubosi, Niran Odulana, Shina Peller, Frank Okamigbo, Charles Okpaleke & Abubakar Atodo Isah


The invited guests; Frank Okamigbo (The Place Lounge Lekki), Charles Okpaleke (Play, Abuja), Shina Peller (Quilox Night Club), Niran Odulana (Road Runners Night Club, Yaba), Abubakar Atodo Isah (Caribbean Lounge Abuja) and Chris Ubosi (CEO/Chairman Megaletrics Limited), departed Lagos on June 1st 2015. They were pumped and excited for their trip to Lynchburg Tennessee for a one of a kind Jack Daniel’s experience, and the purchase of their individually selected and personalized barrels of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel.



On arrival at Nashville Tennessee, the guests received a hearty welcome by the Jack Daniel’s officials who treated them to some southern hospitality over a mouthwatering Jack Daniel’s infused barbeque dinner at the Hard Rock Café.


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The following day, the guests took a coach to Lynchburg Tennessee, the home of the Jack Daniel’s Distillery.


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On arrival at Lynchburg they met the master distiller, Jeff Arnett and his team who took the guests on a very thorough tour of the grounds.


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The guests were shown the oldest building in the distillery that housed Jack Daniel’s office. It has been maintained in the same condition since his death.



They were then shown how the barrels were made; each Jack Daniel’s barrel is unique in that no two barrels are made from the same wood and for that reason no two barrels taste the same. The grooves within the barrel help age the whiskey as they add richness and depth to the taste.



Later on, they were taken into the mellowing unit where a special mellowing display was set up just for them. Here they learnt about the art of charcoal mellowing and how each drop of Jack Daniel’s whiskey is then slow dripped through 10 feet of sugar maple charcoal for that smooth signature finish that makes the whiskey, Tennessee whiskey.


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Following the charcoal mellowing display, the guests were taken to the tasting unit for the selection of their barrels during the tasting session where they were educated on the different variations of Jack Daniel’s whiskey.  Afterwards, guests were able to choose a barrel, which was personalized with their club names.


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They ended the day with a meal at the world famous Mary Bobo’s boarding house, known internationally as one of Jack Daniel’s favorite restaurants.


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The next day, the guests took New Orleans by storm. The Jack Daniel’s officials took them on an activity filled day of touring the city. During the day, the visited the Woodland plantation, and were treated to an airboat ride by the bayou.


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They then partied all night on the world famous Bourbon Street.


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The personalized bottles from the barrels will be available at Quiliox Night Club, Road Runners Night Club, The Place, Play Abuja and Caribbean Lounge Abuja from August 2015.



Jack Daniels Single Barrel is a premium whiskey held at the highest standard of craftsmanship and selection. It is quite different from the rest of the Jack Daniel’s Family as 1 out of every 100 barrels is specially selected and set aside in order to produce it. It is then left to mature in the highest reaches of the barrelhouse where dramatic temperature changes cause the colour and taste to deepen further.




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