Is It Wrong For Students To Go On A Field Trip To A Sex Shop?

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Sex education is one very key topic that should be taught at home and even in Schools and so we ordinarily do not see anything wrong with taking students to a sex shop to see the practical aspect of all that has been discussed in class (That’s an opinion)

A teacher of a private school in Minneapolis planned a trip to a sex shop because she wanted a safe environment to talk openly about sexuality but it has since gotten her into trouble as some parents have expressed their anger and disappointment over what should have been an innocent act.

The intention was to have a healthy and open conversation with the sex educators. It was also an opportunity to discuss safe sex in the store which has features such as vibrators, dildos, BDSM gear, video tapes and every other thing expected to be found in a sex store.

Starri Hedges, the Director at Gaiga Democratic School said it was a wonderful time out for the students who attended sexual education classes and some ofthe students even purchased condoms while at the shop.

Now We put it to you, will you allow your child go on a field trip to a sex shop? If No, what is wrong about this?

Juliet Gbemudu

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