Is It Okay To Propose To Your Partner At A Friend’s Wedding?

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Let me say that if any spirit moves you to propose to your woman at my wedding, i will give you both half-done rice (white rice without stew) to eat.

The picture below which has gone viral after being shared on Reddit has caused outrage with many slamming the couple. The pic uploaded by an unnamed user,who deleted the account has been viewed a staggering 1.36million times.


Now i have a question. Ladies, what would you do if you went to a wedding ceremony with your man and the next thing, he’s on one knee asking you to marry him, right in front of the newly weds?

To the men, would you propose to your woman at a friend’s wedding?

It is said “Never upstage a bride at her own wedding“.

Let’s know what you think in the comment section and if you’ve experienced or witnessed this, we’d like to read from you before this becomes a trend.


Sylvia Eneghalu

Sylvia Eneghalu

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  1. I think it depends really, on how close they are to the couple. It could arouse another cloud of joy. But it will really be awkward if they are not that close to the couple and…what if she says no! U would have done more harm than good to the wedding. Moreover, there are much better occassions in which opportunity can be siezed to propose to that special someone.

  2. it doesn’t really make sense because that day is meant to be the newly weds happiest day…..and all the attention would be on them. for someone to now come and propose on that day, the person is being selfish trying to steal the thunder from them! For me it’s a NO!

  3. That’ll be EXTREMELY rude! A wedding is supposed to be a day based solely on the bride and groom, to propose to someone would not only take the attention off the married couple but make people think that you just wanted the attention. So I WON’T!!!!

  4. For me; I don’t think its that awful to propose at a friends wedding. Would I propose at a friends wedding? Nah… It will be entirely in my own time and on my own terms, not out of admiration or feeling intimidated/left behind by a Friend who is wedding already.
    If a friend should propose at my wedding? of course I’ll congratulate them but I I’ll make sure the scene doesn’t take more than 15mins then we re back to my show.

  5. Well, it depends on the kind of relationship the couple has. If they truly loved each other, it shouldn’t be a big deal. And if they don’t, it would seem like the man wants to force her to say yes, so he shouldn’t be surprised at whatever response he gets.

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