Insider Reveals How Buhari Pursued SSS Away From Inner Aso Rock

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Details have emerged of how President Muhammadu Buhari pushed away personnel of the State Security Service, from getting close to the President or mounting guards or patrolling areas inside the presidential villa.

According to the spokesman for the President, Femi Adesina, there were merely “routine adjustments” of security personnel at the Presidential Villa, he further denied that the president ordered the expulsion of the SSS personnel from the premises.

What the spokesperson failed to disclose was that the SSS officials, who were traditionally part of the president’s primary security details, have been banned from being close to Mr. Buhari and virtually reduced to manning the outer gate at the villa.

According to Premium Times, a presidential memo, released on Friday, showed the nature of the directive barring the SSS (also known as DSS) from the villa.

The memo, written by Mr. Buhari’s Aide de Camp, Mohammed Abubakar, on June 24 and distributed to key officials in the Villa stated that from then on, “DSS personnel have been redeployed from some duty beats/locations”.

It was crystal clear in the memo that the major security tasks initially being handled by SSS officials are now to be handled by officials of other security agencies.

Mr. Abubakar said personnel of the Armed Forces and the police, who were trained as Presidential Body Guards, PBGs, are to “provide close/immediate protection for Mr. President henceforth”.



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