Hundreds Of Supporters Turn Up At The Public Viewing Of Slain Charleston Preacher’s Body

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Senator Pickney was one of the people gunned down in Church last week when he, his wife and younger daughter had gone to church for prayer meeting with some other people, eight of which were killed when Dylan Roof opened fire.

Dylan Roof might have since been apprehended by the Police but the pain he left behind still runs deep.

Senator Pickney, who was also a preacher in the Church where he was killed last week, was publicly placed for hundreds to pay their last respects.

Pickney, whose wife and younger daughter were in the Church when Dylan unleashed fire, died immediately.

His six year old daughter who had to pretend she was dead so she could live was comforted with her mother and eleven year older sister.

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Pickney’s funeral would be held on Friday and President Obama would give the eulogy.



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