#HowRichPeopleDoIt: 54 Year Old Eddie Murphy And His Eighteen Years Younger Girlfriend Run Coffee Errands In His Rolls Royce

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See, when you’re rich then you make the most random errands in your fanciest automobile.

Eddie Murphy might be in his fifties but he still knows how to live the good life with his bae.

The Actor/Comedian who has been quite scarce from the big screens for a while now is certainly living la vida loca. And it is with his thirty six year old girlfriend.

While stepping out for a coffee run (which is clearly a regular for these guys), the two, even though dressed down looked great and of course, fancy in the automobile.

Eddie Murphy and bae 3                                    

  Eddie Murphy and bae 2  Eddie Murphy and bae And what 54 year old man looks that good, ehn?




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