How To Kiss

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Kissing is one of the favorite parts of falling in love.

Do you know that kissing someone for a minute burns down calories?

Kissing is not an intimation of sex. It is not supposed to be a step to what happens next in the bedroom like most people imagine.

Kissing is an alternate language; like a second language for lovers where they tease, connect and discover an accord.


To have that one kiss you won’t forget:

Make sure your breath is minty fresh and clean

Naturally you practice good oral hygiene, but if you have any doubts about your breath, take a breath mint shortly before the kiss. Make sure to finish the mint or gum before you lock lips. Be careful, as some mints may leave a bad aftertaste and make your breath worse. Water is the best bet! Leaves you no aftertaste, and freshens your mouth and does not leave you thirsty.


Set the mood 
If you truly want your kiss to be passionate, you will need to set the right mood. That doesn’t mean that you have to throw rose petals everywhere and light a hundred candles, but you should be in a place without distractions, that way you can both focus on each other and your passionate kiss. Public places are generally not so good for kisses, as you can get people staring at you or even heckling you. Try to find a place that’s a bit private, but still intimate for you to share your kiss.
Approach the kiss with confidence
Try to kiss their cheek so they turn their head your way. Once you’ve chosen the right moment to kiss someone, there’s no turning back, especially if it’s your first time kissing that particular person. Be decisive and confident. If the person doesn’t want the kiss, he or she will let you know, but until then, act as though you’re a pro. Don’t necessarily wear lip-gloss, and don’t wear heavy lipstick. Lip-gloss and lipstick, especially, will rub off on your partner, making him look sparkly or sloppy, depending on the situation. Stick with lip balm instead. Don’t wear a bunch of accessories like hats, or wear your hair so that it gets in the way. Boys like natural beauty anyways. You may want to try kissing the boy when you have your hair up, so that he focuses only on you and the kiss, not the hair.

Start slowly

Don’t try to thrust your tongue into your partner’s mouth right away. Simply press your lips against theirs. Close your eyes as you do to heighten the intimacy and to avoid looking at the pores on your partner’s nose. Imagine your eyes are being controlled by a dimmer switch.
Lean in and tilt your head slightly
Leaning in signals that you want to kiss the person, and tilting your head prevents you crushing your nose against the other person’s.
Let yourself linger between kisses
Kiss your partner once, slowly, letting it last for a few seconds. Then slowly draw your lips away, keeping them close enough to your partner’s lips so that they are almost touching but aren’t. This lingering will help build the passion, and will really capture your partner’s full attention.
I do hope these steps help. For a more detailed, step by step guide, read our KISSING TECHNIQUES YOU CAN STEAL FROM

There are kisses for just about every emotion and occasion: the greeting kiss on the cheek, the maternal kiss on the forehead, an affectionate kiss on the lips etc. But on those certain occasions when you want to communicate passion and maybe lust, not just any kiss will do. You need a fiercely passionate kiss. If done incorrectly, these kisses can turn out being gross or sloppy, but when performed with skill and feeling, there is no greater expression of desire.






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