Giving What We Don’t Have: Former Minister Confirms Nigeria Gives Niger & Rep. Of Benin Power

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No Nigerian can say they’ve had uninterrupted power supply for a week, yet somehow the country still supplies the Republic of Niger and Benin power.

This was confirmed by former Minister of Power, Barth Nnaji, who stated that it was part of the government-to-government efforts to boost regional integration in the West African sub-region.

Nnaji was speaking a special session of a power conference in Lagos.

“Nigeria gives power to Niger Republic. Niger’s Minister of Energy and Petroleum, Foumakoye Gado is here to agree that we do. And the way it works is that if you have a country-to-country agreement, then that power must go to the other country, no matter what, unless your system totally collapses. But by agreement, it must go. We give power to Benin Republic and there is plan to increase it. There is plan to build a 330 KV transmission line from Lagos to Republic of Benin to increase power supply to that country. So, these are things that help government to support the integration we are talking about,” Nnaji said.




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