#Game of Thrones; Olly Is The Newest Most-Hated Character On Television

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Game of Thrones fans coming to terms with the death of the much-loved character Jon Snow have turned their anger to one of his killers: young Olly.

Snow was stabbed to death by a group of disgruntled Night’s Watchmen, with Olly, Snow’s steward, casting the final blow. Olly, a child orphaned by wildlings, including Snow’s soon-to-be lover Ygritte, joined the Night’s Watch, and later became Steward to the Lord Commander when Snow assumed the role.

But he never forgave Snow for consorting with wildlings – he finally got revenge on Ygritte by killing her at the end of season four, albeit saving Snow’s life in the process – and in Monday night’s explosive season finale, he sealed his commander’s fate by joining in the Watch’s mass stabbing.


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