Funky GrandPa! I Won’t Stop Acting Like A Boy, It Gives Me “Spiritual Calm” – 64-Year-Old Charly Boy

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The 2Face Cancelled Protest and the Struggle to Overcome Political Insanity - Charly Boy Charly Boy has penned a new article expressing his

Charly Boy ain’t slowing down/stopping his funky lifestyle anytime soon.

At 64, the controversial singer popularly known as Area Fada says nothing, including age was going to stop him from looking and acting like a young boy.

Speaking during an interview with Saturday Beats, Charles Oputa said:

“There will always be that boy that lives in me. I don’t want to be like you people who want to grow old, be adults, and go through all the shenanigans of adulthood. I just want to be peaceful and playful, so I can’t kill that boy. That boy will always live in me, and that is what has given me that spiritual calm and that is why I relate better with younger people than older people, and I love children more than older people, who are full of intrigues. So, I’m not interested in all that.”

“Wetin I dey take old people dey do? They are old and they are in a hurry to get into their graves, I’m not. You even hear people saying how old they are, as if they are rushing to go somewhere. Life is for living, for me.”



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