Five Times Pregnant Kim Kardashian Has Shoved Her Pregnant Boobs In Our Poor Faces

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Since Kim Kardashian announced the news of her pregnancy earlier this month, we have been seeing the whole of her… well, maybe not whole because she shows a lot but the er… tits.

And when Kim Kardashian shows, we help her transmit.

That’s the purpose of it all, abi?

Kim pregnancyKanye West’s wife was spotted in this two days ago when she went on bra shopping.

Kim Pregnancy 4 Well, after buying the bra, she refused to wear it and stepped out like this the day after.

kim pregnancy wear 3 And yeah, she wore this mosquito net inspired outfit to the mail online yacht party with the twins out there of course.

kim k 0 Since Kanye has always called her nudity artistic (which we strongly disagree with), it was not a surprise she flaunted the boobs with him right behind her.

Kim 2 Kim covered her eyes but then, chose not to do the same for the boobs.


So are you guys here for Kim’s boobies? Or do you think she should cover up more often.




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  1. And she wonder why no one takes her seriously ! One of the most ignorant, vapid, empty-headed people of the universe. Put some cloths on. What she wears is NOT cloths !

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