Father Walks In On Rape Of His 5-year-old Daughter At Day Care

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Bida Poly Lecturer Placed On Half Salary After Raping Student

Police arrested a child care provider accused of raping a 5-year-old girl after the victim’s father allegedly walked in on the abuse.

According to myfox8, a father walked into a classroom at his daughter’s day care center on June 5 and found a 31-year-old male teacher and his daughter crouched behind a bookshelf. The teacher allegedly told the father he was having a “tickle fight” with the girl.

After the father and daughter left, the girl allegedly told her dad the teacher touched her inappropriately.

The girl was interviewed by Child Protective Services. The girl, who was described as bright and articulate, allegedly told investigators that the teacher raped her.

Police interviewed the teacher, who allegedly said he touched the girl beneath her underwear but claimed it was an accident.

The teacher was arrested and is expected to be charged with first-degree child rape.

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