Evra Intends To Shake Hands With Suarez

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Juventus defender, Patrice Evra has said he will shake hands with Barcelona’s forward, Luis Suarez when Juve face Barca in the UCL final, later today.

When both players were in England, Suarez in Liverpool and Evra in United, Suarez was found guilty of racially abusing the Frenchman and received a ban.

Upon Suarez’s return, the Uruguayan snubbed Evra in the pre-match handshakes. Despite the animosity, Evra has said he will shake hands with Suarez.

“I will shake his hand – I am a professional,” the Frenchman told Sky Sports.

“Like I’ve said many times, I’m proud of my colour and it doesn’t matter. I’m playing against Barcelona, I’m not playing just against Luis Suarez.

“Every player in the team, they will feel me, because I will play a really important game.”

Evra also revealed his surprise at the workload expected of players in Italy, insisting he has never felt better.

“It was a shock at the beginning because, to be fair, I did not expect the way Juventus Football Club were working,” the 34-year-old added. “They work really hard.

“I think the training sessions are more difficult than the game. In pre-season I remember the manager [Massimiliano] Allegri always asking me ‘Pat, are you OK’ – I was always saying ‘for the moment I’m still alive’. And it was true, because it was difficult. I’d never worked so hard in my life.

“It’s a great experience because, even for my age now, I feel like I’m more powerful than when I was younger. I qualify myself like a bottle of wine – the more I get older, the more it tastes sweet!”



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