Emmanuel Adebayor’s Brother, Rotimi Adebayor Attempts Suicide After Being Publicly Shamed By His Brother

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Rotimi Adebayor, the younger brother of Emmanuel Adebayor, who was accused of being a thief by his brother; apparently attempted suicide in Togo yesterday.

A report from website GhanaSportsOnline.com, claims Rotimi stabbed himself in the stomach with a knife, in the attempt to end his life. The action is believed to be linked to the shame brought by his brother due to his revelations of some internal family strife.

Rotimi has often been at the end of Adebayor’s jabs; he claimed he stole from his teammates when he got him a team to play for in France, and also claimed that he once threatened him with a knife for money.

According to GhanaSportsOnline:

“Rotimi Adebayor, biological brother of Tottenham Hotspurs striker Emmanuel Adebayor, has pierced himself with a sharp knife in an attempt to end his life and is now battling for his life at the CHU Sylvanus Olympio Hospital in Lome, Togo, Ghanasportsonline.com can exclusively reveal.

Rotimi, according to family sources has pondered committing suicide after his elder brother, Sheyi Adebayor accused him of stealing 21 phones from a football academy in France, which Adebayor says he paid for.

“He has pierced himself and blood was gushing out profusely…it took the timely intervention of some people close to save him otherwise he would have been gone too”, a family source told Ghanasportsonline.com.

“He has always been complaining about the shame his brother caused him, now people keep on accusing of being a thief, his own brother has ridiculed him globally and he feels he must end it all because life is not worth it but now he’s in the hospital”,

“The doctors are working on him and we hope he survives but it looks terrible for the family now..especially the mum”.

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