Dunga: Virus Affected 15 Brazil Players

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Dunga, coach of the Selecao has revealed that a virus ran riot of the Brazil camp and affected 15 players ahead of the quarterfinal clash with Paraguay.

The situation seem to affect their training session and the Selecao fell to Paraguay after losing in the penalty shootout.

Dunga is not offering this explanation as an excuse, at least that’s what he says.

“It’s not an excuse, but 15 of our players suffered from a virus this week. We had to limit some training sessions,” Dunga said in his post-match press conference.

“Players suffered from a lot of headaches, back pain and illness – some felt it more than others. We had to reduce the intensity of training to try and help them recover. Some of them were vomiting. Willian wasn’t feeling well at half-time, and Robinho was suffering in the end.”

Still, the 51-year-old thought the Seleção did a good job of thwarting Paraguay’s aerial play but suggested they lacked the attacking speed to make a decisive impact.

“We had to balance the match on the physical aspect, and tried to win until the very end,” Dunga added.

“We tried to neutralise their main game-plan – the aerial ball. We had good moments through the match, with speed and switching between the sides.

“Today we had an important match that needed speed and we lacked that in the end.”



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