Dunga: Neymar Suspension A Loss For The Tournament

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I know he is big, I didn’t know he was this big. Apparently he is big enough for the whole tournament to miss him, which is true.

Dunga head coach of Brazil has said Neymar’s suspension will not only affect his men, but the tournament itself. Remember Neymar was handed a four match ban after receiving red and insulting the match official.

Neymar will miss the rest of the copa.

“Neymar is a huge figure in football,” he said. “The attention on him is big also. Everybody who likes football wants to see him on the field – like Lionel Messi, Angel Di Maria and Alexis Sanchez. With him, the spectacle would be better, with more quality.

“If each one of us who made a mistake was cut, no-one would be here. We’re here to make them grow, not to search for guilty ones.”



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