Did We Vote For Change or Did We Change After We Voted? #OfiliSpeaks

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20 people died yesterday in yet another Boko Haram attack in the past month, but did Nigeria react or get upset? No. Instead we were gawking over the new official pictures of Buhari and his VP.

And in the midst of the bombing, there is now a potential new proposal to remove military check points across Nigeria. Did Nigerians complain given that the Nation is still unstable? Or ask how it could help the fight against Boko Haram? No…we just gawked and stared at more pictures…

And I must admit the pictures are beautiful. Bayo.O is doing a good job shooting the President from all angles. Every picture is filled with so much color and mesmerizing detail that drives a poignant story, but I worry that Nigerians are too distracted … that we are still stuck in election mode.

I mean at this rate, Buhari will fart and Nigerians will still praise him for producing Natural gas! The same things that caused uproar amongst Nigerians yesterday are treated with silence today.

And I wonder, did we vote for change or did we change after we voted? #ObservationNoBeCrime




Okechukwu Ofili is the author of 3.5 books and writes political satire for the BBC/RNW What's Up Africa show. He is also the founder of okadabooks.com and blogs daily at ofilispeaks.com.

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  1. This post summarises how I’d felt since the election but I thought I was still being post election biased and sentimental as I support GEJ. Buhari administration needs to stop faffing and get down to business. They promised a whole lot and now it’s like they had no plans at all. I don’t get how appointing ministers is taking so much time. Like shouldn’t his team have been selected. He said he will deal with BH in two months. Since the appetiser of moving defence to Maiduguri we haven’t heard anything. Talking about his age is now a limiting factor. When Fayose and mama peace raised that they quickly defended him. Mchew I’m just pissed

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