Did Taraji P Henson Shade Her Co Stars In Her New Allure Magazine Interview?

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Maybe, maybe not.

In her new interview with Allure Magazine where she looked all shades of amazing by the way, Empire Actress talks about her thoughts on dating her co stars/people she’s working with.

She says, “I always wanted to be known for my work, not who I was dating. Not who I slept with. I have a gift, and my gift is acting. I started in the business at 26, so I knew not to blur the line between reality and fantasy. I knew if i slept these guys they would never want to work with me again. Why would they? The conquest is up and now I’m just a used up piece of p*ssy.”

While they might not have come out to officially say they are a couple, Trai Byers and Grace Gealey are reportedly dating.

Trai Byers plays Andre on the hit show Empire and Grace Gealey plays Anika aka Boo Boo Kitty. Here’s the video of them that got the world talking.

While Taraji might not be talking about their romance (if it exists), this interview has revealed how she feels about it if they’re truly together.

What do you think about co stars dating? Agree with Taraji or not?



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