Dencia Fires Back At American Blogger Necole Bitchie: “You’re A Hot Ass Mess”

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With the kind of person that Dencia is, we all knew American blogger Necole Bitchie was gonna have her day in court.

A few weeks ago, at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, the blogger described Dencia as the “skin-bleaching cream distributor.”

The blog said:

Last night social media was in a frenzy as they asked “Did Nicki have a style relapse?” when a woman showed up on the carpet giving fans plenty of Pink Friday vibes. We’re guessing this is one of Nicki’s many “sons.” Turns out, it was the skin-bleaching cream distributor Dencia who was being confused for Nicki Minaj on the red carpet of the Billboard Awards, except… this isn’t the first time this has happened. The E! Network confused the Whitenicious CEO for Nicki Minaj at the American Music Awards, and even at the 2014 Grammys, people flooded the timelines asking if she was Nicki.


Dencia finaly took to Instagram to respond today, posting a picture of Necole with friends with the caption:

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“???? why did someone send me this post of @justnecole looking a hot Ass mess ??? a few weeks ago this same person was talking shit about me & trying to throw shade about my skin tone but she busy filtering her pictures to look lighter?????Atleast I don’t have to fake it with filters keep it ? .. They say u don’t throw stones from a glass house & I am dying over here as people make fun of her Ass…#IAmNeverPettyButSheTriedIt ??✌?️…#StopMakingAnkaraLookBad wearing 99cents a yard Ankara .it’s fun hiding behind computers to talk shit & I just never said anything about her cuz I I am not petty but she tried it.. At the end of the day I’m a CEO and you’re just a blogger, fall back with that knockOff 99cents a Yard Ankara ! #HappySaturdayMitches FYI she is the one on the far left with a blue necklace. #NecoleBitchie #ICanSmellThatNastyWeaveThruMyPhone ..unless tytryone or luxury law styles u,don’t come 4 me.?…”




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