Davido Is The Coolest Celebrity Dad And Here Is Why

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When news that he had fathered a kid hit the media, there were different reactions.

A lot of it being that Davido was too young and maybe unprepared for the Daddy role.

Well, now is time for you to get rid of what you thought, Davido is stepping into his Daddy shoes (literally) and he is buying a pair for his little girl too!

Screenshot (4) Davido posted this on Instagram with the caption, “Crazy how I gotta buy a pair everytime I shop now Lool. Happy Father’s day to me and my Dad. So weird haha!!”

And what’s cooler than your stylish Dad buying you a pair of everything he buys for himself?

Nothing guys, nothing!

And the award for the coolest celeb Dad goes to Davido. That little girl is lucky, yo!



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