#DaddyDearest – Kanye West Reveals North West Always Comes Before His Very Busy Schedule

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As it should be, Ye. As it should be.

Kanye is one busy Daddy and no one needs to remind us of that fact.

In between a hectic career, loving himself and being a husband to Kim Kardashian, the man barely has time for anything else.

But he wants you to know one thing for sure; he makes time for his little adorable daughter and media darling, North “Nori” West.

In his latest interview with popular music magazine, Q, Kanye says of his relationship with his two year old daughter, “While (Nori’s) here in Europe I have to have six hours a day with her because otherwise I’ll just work and she’ll get scheduled around meetings. Instead, the meetings get scheduled around her.”

Kanye who Kim has shared several pictures of while with North, the most popular being the one where he took her to work, has been praised by Kim herself as an amazing father.

In the interview, he also discusses his mother and why he thinks he is responsible for her death.

According to him, if he hadn’t moved to LA, she’d probably still be alive.

Donda West passed away while undergoing cosmetic surgery in 2007.






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