Chris Brown Has Some Life Lessons For Y’all And It Is About Your Money And Girls

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TMZ posts Chris Brown addiction story

The world is coming to an end and here is another sign for you to confirm that; Chris Brown is giving life lessons and comparing himself to Barack Obama.

While performing at a concert, Breezy told his fans, “Girls – they don’t get your money. Get your money but be smart man. Everybody be smart.”

Then he went ahead and compared himself with the President after which he performed his monster hit, Loyal.

While it is not a shocker that he is dishing life lessons, the controversial Artiste has been in need of an advice and life lessons himself.

Over the past few weeks, he has made a fool of himself on social media several times, gone off at Tyson Beckford for posing with his ex and forced himself in his ex’s car while Paparazzi recorded the event for the world to see.

Seems like Breezy needs someone to tell him to take life lessons too and I’m thinking, should we nominate Wizkid? Seeing as they’re both besties

CB and Wizkid See the video where he shared from his book of wisdom below



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