Chinese Spiritual Leader Dalai Lama Criticizes Boko Haram & ISIS

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The Dalai Lama has criticized the murders and destruction carried out by terrorist groups ISIS and Boko Haram.

The Dalai Lama made an appearance at the Glastonbury music festival in the UK, where he spoke about the carnage caused by both organizations.

“A lot of problems we are experiencing are our own creations. Violence is being created this very moment in Syria, Iraq and Nigeria. Humans killing each other in the name of religious faith. Unthinkable. Carry the message of love and tolerance and forgiveness.

“There is nothing wrong with religious beliefs but some supporters of religions have a lack of moral principle and conviction.

“Yes, I’m Buddhist and Asian and I am his holiness the Dalai Lama but we are the same human being.”

The 80-year old leader revealed that he wasn’t big on music, but he liked the idea of the festival.

“Brothers and sisters, I noticed when I came in the car so many people, old and young, full of joy. My friend asked me to come to this festival of people, not necessarily a festival of government or politicians. This is about people.

“The very purpose of our life is a happy life. Nobody knows what will happen but hope is the basis of our life. Some individuals have lost hope but this mental attitude will shorten their life.”



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