Channing Tatum Reveals He Has A Nickname For His Penis

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Channing Tatum was open to the end as he participated in an Ask Me Anything on Reddit.

The famed actor answered questions ranging from his penis, his acting on Step Up, and working with Jonah Hill.

See some of his answers below!

sushisection: Does your penis have a nickname?
ChanningTatumHere: Gilbert.

cleopatraeg: do you do full frontal in magic mike xxl? asking for a friend
ChanningTatumHere: haha “for a friend” I do not do full frontal but i can promise you when you’re standing in front of a bunch of people in a very small thong it doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination. Your “friend” should be happy.

Buxbaum89: How many times is too many times to see Step Up? I think I may have a problem.
ChanningTatumHere: Hahahahaha! I guess you need to see it as many times as it takes you to realize how bad my acting is in it. And fast forward to the dancing parts after that.

sleepingwithyourmom: If you were a hot dog, and you were starving, would you eat yourself? Also, what is it like to work with Jonah Hill?
ChanningTatumHere: Hahahahaha what!
That’s like a psychological profiling question. Yeah, why not. I like to eat. Let’s just be real about it.
Jonah is one of those people who if you just sit back and just watch him you in no way shape or form can understand how he’s doing what he’s doing. He’s the fastest most quickest wittiest person I’ve ever met. And I think people when they think of comedic actors they forget that they are people with a point of view and experiences and depth. And Jonah is one of the most sensitive and deep people i know. And that’s why I think he can be a comedic actor and a deep actor asd well.

PugsDerpHarderThanU: Jupiter Ascending? What was that?
ChanningTatumHere: Great question. I have the same one to myself.



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