British Kid Who Stabbed Nigerian Teacher Brags On Facebook With A Rap Line

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British kid, Yusaf Khanyy stabbed his teacher, Mr. Vincent Uzomah because he was trying to stop him from using his phone in class.

Not even the bit remorseful, Yusaf who jumped the fence and escaped took to Facebook to brag about the stabbing. He wrote; “The motherfucker getting funny, so I stick the blade straight in his tummy


Yusaf is 14 years old.



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  1. British kid? He’s not f***ing British. He’s an unwanted enemy alien. And before anyone starts bleating, no, I don’t care whether he was born in the UK or not, he’s still not British. Nor was the victim. It’s a foreigner stabbing a foreigner in a British school.

    Only whites can be British.

      1. If the teacher had been home in Nigeria and the worthless little sh1t who stabbed him was in Pakistan then none of this would have happened. And no one would be writing articles claiming the stabber was ‘British’.

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