Bobbi Kristina’s Boyfriend Is Reportedly “Seeking Comfort From A Female Friend” While Her Condition Remains The Same

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Bobbi Kristina funeral: Nick Gordon to hold his

Bobbi Kristina has been moved to a hospice where she is expected to pass away surrounded by family.

While this is a sad story, considering her mother passed away under the similar circumstances three years ago, the drama surrounding the whole situation is quite interesting.

Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend and one time rumored husband, is getting into a lot of trouble and might even be charged with murder.

But whether that would happen or not, Nick does not seem to be sitting in his house moping while he awaits his fate.

The 25 year old is reported by Mail Online to be coupling up with a female friend.

According to the popular UK website, “Nick Gordon is drinking heavily and seeking comfort in the company of a female friend after falling off the wagon following a stint in rehab Daily Mail Online can reveal. According to one eye-witness, the beleaguered boyfriend of Bobbi Kristina Brown has been seen ‘drunk as a skunk’ and ‘falling down drunk’ near the Orlando, Florida duplex where he is currently holed up as Bobbi Kristina’s – and his own – fate hangs in the balance

The site added, “according to a close source, his progress since then has been far from smooth and he is spending an increasing amount of time drinking and in the company of mother-of-one, Heather Posey, 39, who has proved a near constant companion in recent months.”

Interesting. It should be noted that Nick allegedly stole money up to $11k while Kristina was in a medically induced coma.

And this? Sounds like Mr Gordon is pretty insensitive.

Anyway, the gist continues according to Mail Online’s source “The source said: ‘I’ve seen them drinking together at her house. He portrays himself as a good citizen, grieving and whatever but I’ve seen him losing his temper. I’ve seen him drunk as a skunk, falling down drunk. That plastic cup that he carries round with him is full of vodka.’ 

The friend who spoke on condition of anonymity claimed: ‘He stays in Heather’s house all the time. I think there’s more to the relationship than friendship.

‘Last week he was out at Gator’s bar with her, watching the basketball, until one in the morning. A couple of months ago he was drunk at the pool [near his home]. He was drunk and maybe high and using profanities.”

Mail Online further stated, “He’s trying to portray himself as a good person but this guy’s a liar. He’s very dangerous and manipulative and I’ve seen his temper

Hopefully, this is all a part of the “source’s” imagination. We’d like to believe Nick, who has seemed frustrated for being kept away from Bobbi Kristina’s bedside is not an insensitive/selfish individual.



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