Bobbi Kristina Update: Bobby Brown Says His Sister’s Claims About His Daughter Are Absolutely Fake

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Bobbi Kristina Brown’s condition might be the same and there’s no denying that but what Bobby Brown is denying are the recent claims that surfaced about the reasons for the decisions being taken regarding her health.

According to TMZ, sources close to Bobby Brown are saying that the claims made by his sister, Leolah Brown regarding Bobbi Kristina’s condition are absolutely fake.

Leolah Brown is said to have claimed that Pat Houston, who is the one who makes the Houston family financial decision and who is late Whitney Houston’s sister – in law, is pushing Bobbi Kristina to be taken off life support because she is worried continuous medical expenses would eat deep into possible inheritance.

However, Bobby Brown is saying his sister is lying and that Leolah knows nothing about the decisions Pat Houston has had to make and how this has been for her.

Bobby Brown thinks his sister is just doing this for attention.

Wow, if only the family can keep their differences aside for Bobbi Kristina. This period must be difficult enough, situations like this one are not needed at all.



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