Big Brother: 50 Cent Shows Support For Troy Ave Amidst Slander

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Troy Ave Released From Prison

It’s not been a good day for Troy Ave.

The Brooklyn rapper, who recently released his latest album, Major Without A Deal, had claimed on social media that the album was “selling out.”

Much to his chagrin however, website Complex managed to get a hold of the actual sales numbers from Nielson Soundscan, and they weren’t so good.

Actually they were terrible.

The numbers revealed that the album had sold under 4,500 copies, including just 40 physical copies.

The result of this being brought to limelight was June 12th, 2015 becoming Troy Ave Slander Day.

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In the midst of everything, fellow rapper 50 Cent showed support to Troy.

50 posted a picture of Troy’s album cover on his Instagram, writing “Troy is going to Grind and win Big because he’s not afraid to be on his own,” and asking fans to support him.

In his next Instagram post, Fif went to purchase physical copies of the album, and invited Troy to go on tour with him.

“@troyave every thing they are saying you don’t have is something they know I got, and they hate me to. I’m going on world tour if your not busy,” 50 Cent wrote.




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