“Be The Kind Of Partner You Are Looking Forward To Dating” – Kehinde Bankole Covers LoveOasis Magazine

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In a cover interview with LoveOasis magazine, a Relationships and Lifestyle magazine, Kehinde Bankole shares her perspective on life and Relationships.
Read the full interview in Issue 12 of the magazine. Get a copy on your smartphone or tablet via magazine distribution platform www.magaden.com
Read excerpts below:
What should one appreciate most about being single? 
I think there is no straight one way answer to that, as each single individual’s situation is peculiar to them and their “single” status experience will always be different, but generally it’s an opportunity to learn the most you can about yourself as an individual and figure yourself out in preparation to accommodate others. 
What role do you think beauty plays in the choice of a significant other?
I don’t think beauty should be the foundation. However, It may be one of the criteria, if the individual so chooses as a matter of attraction.
We believe you might have had a ‘failed’ relationship in the past, how do you think failed relationships help one in becoming a better person in subsequent relationships? 
There are no failed relationships as far as I’m concerned; there are friendships that take other dimensions than what was initially intended for it.  Since people come together to see the possibility of staying together, if the possibilities are weak and they move on, it does not mean that it had failed. It only means it is not going as they probably thought it would.
In your relationships experiences, can you sum up everything you have learned?
Be first yourself the kind of partner you are looking forward to dating.
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