#BabaNoGoDie: 82 Year Old Quincy Jones Parties With A Girl Much Younger Than Him

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In Tuface’s voice, Baba e still dey body o!

82 year old mega producer and history maker, Quincy Jones might not be Pharell or Timbaland to you but the badass producer who produced many of Michael Jackson’s hit singles and who has made history in the music world, is not one to turn down a party invite.

While your Grandma and Grandpa might be home watching Africa Magic and attending prayer meetings, Quincy Jones, whose oldest child is about sixty-something, be hitting the clubs!

And he won’t be alone yo, he’d be with a hot fine ass woman! And just in case you’re wondering how he still does it at 82, it’s probably cos of his good looks and mega success.

We would like to hope it’s strictly for the former sha.

Check out photos of Quincy Jones at the club with his much younger date for the night.

Quincy Jones and companion  Quincy Jones and Companion 2  Quincy Jones and companion 3




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