Aston Villa Star, Grealish In Trouble Over Pictures

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Pictures of Aston Villa’s newest youngster, Jack Grealish surfaced online. In the pictures which are going viral on the internet, the teenager appears to have passed out after getting drunk.


According to Briony King, he tried to wake Grealish up but the teenager was too drunk to even comprehend his whereabouts. The photo is given credibility by some pictures uploaded on instagram earlier today which show him wearing the same t-shirt (the photos have however been delete by Grealish.) Aston Villa have released a statement, saying they would meet with the 19 year old to discuss to events that took place today.

Grealish has tried to distance himself from the event by posting a picture of himself online, he is shirtless but if you look closely at the picture you would see a similar t-shirt on the arm of the chair


Grealish was the breakout star for Aston Villa this season and is holidaying in Tenerife

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