Asari Dokubo Claims Buhari & APC Rigged Elections, Says His Tenure Won’t Last Long

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Asari Dokubo has hit out again at President Muhammad Buhari, claiming he rigged his way into office.

The former Niger-Delta militant stated that Buhari possessed a stolen mandate, one that wouldn’t last long.

“The figures were self evident. The figures clearly showed the manipulations. The elections were not free and fair. Also, the stage was set to manipulate the elections,” Dokubo said to Vanguard.

“General Buhari was given 1.9 million votes in Kano. Somewhere in Imo State, as educated as Imo is, about 71,000 votes were voided.

‘’But Kano, there was no cancellation, no voided vote! And mysteriously, the Resident Electoral Commissioner and his family died a few days later in a mysterious fire,” Dokubo recalled.

He said Buhari had a stolen mandate, adding that the mandate was not freely given to him by the people.

“A stolen mandate cannot last for a very long time. The owners of the mandate, whether Goodluck Jonathan likes it or not, will one day demand for that mandate.

‘’I have nothing personal against General Buhari but things must be done the right way. Truth must be said. General Buhari today is now a tiger.

“The votes were manipulated. He took over power because Jonathan did not want people to die. Goodluck was ready to make sacrifice and he made sacrifice.”



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