Anna Wintour Receives Backlash For Qualifying Cara Delevingne’s Sexuality As A “Phase”

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Anna Wintour has at least 12,500 people disagreeing with her popular publication, Vogue, right now.

The Magazine which has supermodel Cara Delevingne as its July cover girl, discusses Cara’s sexuality among other things.

But what is driving the LGBT community crazy is what Vogue has written about Cara’s bi-sexuality.

According to the article, Cara’s parents think her current interest in women might actually be a phase she is passing through and it might actually be true.

While that might just be the opinion of the writer, the entire gay community is not finding this funny.

As at now, the petition signed hoping to get Anna Wintour’s attention and hoping to get an apology from  her has gathered over 12,500 signatures.

Anna hasn’t said anything so far.




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