Amber Rose Wants You To Know She Does Not Want To Have Sex

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She might constantly be making you think about sex, but she does not exactly think about sex.

Amber Rose has revealed to Cosmopolitan Magazine that she does not want to have sex now or really be with anyone serious because she wants her son and her work to come first.

The ex stripper who released her quite racy book cover just recently, is all about that paper and Sebastian for now.

Quite interestingly, her best friend and co ex stripper, Blac Chyna, is reportedly not going to be having sex for a while because her rumored new boo can’t have sex for a period of time.

So maybe they would have something to discuss next time they hangout?

Asides ex baby Daddies, where to find the next pole, how to get rid of the Kardashians and how to do the next Instagram post of course.



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