Always Show Respect Ehn, Xavi Tells Neymar

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Big brother Xavi still working even after leaving Barcelona. A word is enough for the wise and this is hoping Neymar listens to what egbon Xavi is saying.

Xavi is telling Neymar to mind the way he acts on the pitch, what’s acceptable in Brazil might be frowned upon in Spain and Europe. In other words, when in Spain act like a Spaniard.

Ace midfielder Xavi is referring to a piece of extravagant skill Neymar tried to pull off in the Copa Del Rey final against Athletic Bilbao. The Basque players took offence at this show of skill and it’s not because they lost 3-1.

“He needs to seriously think about how he should act. Maybe that sort of thing is accepted in Brazil, but it’s a thorny issue in Spain,” Xavi told Sport .

“He should reflect about it because he’s an extraordinary, hard-working and humble lad, but he has that Brazilian attitude, according to which such things are part of the show, while here they’re seen as a lack of respect.”

Neymar has not only been accused of unsporting behaviour during his stint in Spain by opponents but team-mates as well, with Xavi himself caught on video berating the forward while Barcelona celebrated winning their treble with an open top bus parade on Sunday.

“He was trying to take my shoes off and they were pushing me when I was standing on the edge of the bus. I told them to stop messing around and to focus on the fans, since the parade is for them,” he added.

“It’s alright to have three or four beers, but the parade is for the supporters, to thank them, and you can’t just be in your own world.”



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