9 Reasons Guys Love Being In A Relationship

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The truth is bachelorhood has a lot of advantages and perks which we guys enjoy. We can do what we want with nobody bearing down our necks coupled with the fact that we have a leeway to be promiscuous. However, despite these perks, no man wants to spend the whole of his life running from one girl to the other in the name of dating. When we get to the point where we start feeling the need to have a woman to lean on, including having romantic feelings, that is when we actually want to drop the bachelor hood garb and try something in the form of commitment.

Almost all guys want to end up in a serious relationship at the end. We want someone that we can share our innermost happiness and things with. Someone that can offer some sort of stability as we tread through the stormy waters of life. So, what exactly brings us to this point of love in our lives? Come along with us as we bring 9 reasons why we love being in a relationship.

Lots of sex
Being in a relationship offers the opportunity for unlimited sex which comes mostly without any form of strings attached. There is a major reduction in financial inducements as opposed to when we were jumping about. We also don’t have to go through awkward conversations where the girl asks us “what does this mean for us?” as we are already committed to you.

No awkward morning-afters
This is one of the niceties that comes with being in a relationship. We no longer have to bother with awkward morning-afters which may involve conversations and various other things. We can choose to not make breakfast and also decide to talk about the previous night or not. Irrespective of what we do, there is no underlying feeling and no one has leave to take a cab home in anger.

We are appreciated
At last, we have found a girl that recognises our manly and alpha abilities. Things such as hanging frames and little repairs of things that are broken around the house gives us the opportunity to show off our skills. This also reveals our handy nature and the respective tools we have to deal with the broken problems. We finally get someone to show off to who will be impressed.

Shared cleaning duties
We don’t have to bother about how the stress of cleaning up the house as the duties are soon to be shared. We want this so much as we don’t have to go through too much to achieve that spotless clean appearance.

There’s way more experimentation
We are tired of the one night stand and paying for sex. There’s no way in hell we can try and test out new sexual positions which we are not sure of but we crave innately. Also, it will be difficult to make a video with just a date for us to watch it later on. All these can be done and achieved in a relationship and we so much crave and want this.

You encourage our dreams
A girl committed to us would make us think we can achieve big things even when we seriously doubt ourselves. And that is a huge bonus.

You challenge our ideas
A lot of the time, you help us sift and fine tune our ideas. Whether it’s an extremely dull one or one that can change the world, being in a relationship affords us the opportunity to have someone close challenge our ideas for us to be better.

You know us better than anybody else
You seem to know us better and that’s why we want to be committed. Our colleagues at work see our professional side, our friends see our funny and rowdy side. Our girlfriends see it all from the stubborn, tender, generous to the cranky side. And despite the fact you know all these about us, you don’t judge us and you love us irrespective of the flaws and rough spots we’ve got.
More so, you will tell us the truth when others don’t. Whether we are wearing pants that are too tight or a geeky shirt, you’d tell us and strive to make us appear our best.

Privilege of checking you out
It might seem pervy but we’d always check you out. That time you come out of the shower with nothing but a towel around you and you drop it to put on your bra and panties. Then slip on your your blouse and skirt. All of that is part of what we live for and why we want to be in a relationship.



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