7 Things You Can Never Hold A Woman Responsible For

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Taking responsibility for ones actions is a clear sign of maturity bit holding people responsible for actions they know little or nothing about can be problematic to say the least. Given the complex nature of humans (women especially) , holding people responsible for certain actions they can’t even decipher will create a confusing atmosphere which can do more harm than good to relationships.

Below are 7 Things You should never hold a woman responsible for

If you have a difficult time “taking her seriously” because you can see her figure

It is normal to hear men call women the weaker sex or talk about how illogical or claim that women always claim to be the victims especially regarding relationships. Problem here is that a lot of men find it very difficult to focus on any other thing when a woman wearing a short sexy outfit passes by. Often times, even in a workplace setting, men judge their female coworkers by their dressing which may show a little cleavage and hold them responsible for tempting them. Men irresponsibly judge women when a lot of us find it difficult to live our lives the right way when a woman is around, expecting them to do all and everything for us. This is mostly because a lot of men tend to see women as “mere human beings” because that’s the bar the society set. And of course, a woman cannot be held responsible for our thought processes.

Being attracted to you because you’re “one of the good ones”

Well, how would you judge a woman because she’s attracted to you because you’re a nice guy? The definition of a “good guy” by ladies might be wrong but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she owes you a duty to be your girlfriend. And it doesn’t mean that because she’s shallow or a flirt because she’s throwing herself at you. It is also a warped idea to see friendship as a consolation after she rejected your sexual advances. Your female friends aren’t “shallow” if they aren’t throwing themselves at you. If you’re the type of guy that is very upset that women are dating bad boys, then you might just be one of the good guys for the wrong reasons. That’s is to say you might be a fake and that attribute puts women off quite a bit. Just be yourself and you will attract people into your life.

Feeling bummed out when you see women who aren’t smiling

Why judge her for not putting up a smile always? Fact is not everyone is meant to look happy all the time and not doing so doesn’t mean that their lives aren’t worthwhile. There’s absolutely no reason why every woman you come in contact with has to smile or look happy in your presence and it won’t be such a bad idea if you also extend this courtesy to your male acquaintances too.

Having sex with you because you “worked for it”

A lady is in no way obligated to have sex with you simply because you’ve spent quite some amount of money on dates and gifts or because it’s your special day. Sex should be seen as a gift and never a debt. Some women just want to have sex sparsely, which is completely reasonable. Even as it is very bad to be led on, the best thing is to act responsibly and try if you can not to pick a girl that’s not “way beyond your league” so that you won’t feel upset and distraught if she actually is.

Being a lady in the streets and a Tiger in bed

It’s a very wrong notion to see women as whores as they have different and wonderful individual personalities including tastes and sexual preferences. Fact is, you might not be able to get what you want which is a combination of a meek lady and an horny tiger in bed. The best option is to pick what you think is best for you and never put the blame on her if and when she can’t be all the things you want. Truth is not all shy and classy people have an inner horny tiger beneath and not everyone that is sexually open in bed has a conservative approach to everyday life. It is generally common for people to have more consistent personalities than idiosyncratic ones.

Meeting your unrealistic demands

It’s foolhardy to always have undue expectations of your partner and still judge them later on for not leaving up to your expectations. This isn’t a secret or even anything people don’t already know. Truth is we should always look beyond getting the satisfaction behind the realisation of our fantasies and settle for what we have (which we most times do) as it is mostly not the duty of people to live up to our fantasies. It is best to come to the realisation that making and expecting the fulfillment of unrealistic demands is a fantasy to say the least. Judge yourself and others based on what you have and what they can give.

Being sexually attractive to all men at all times

If you want a woman that won’t be sexually attractive to men most times, then it’s best you go for a traditional girl. Do not hold her responsible for looking her best. Get above your insecurities and enjoy the fact that other men wish they had her.



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