7 Signs You Should Get Out Of That Relationship Now

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Ending a relationship is one of the hardest decisions to come to in life. This is because there are a lots of things to worry about, fears that exist in the relationship and problems to conquer but none of this beats that which comes with breaking up the relationship. This is because your mind is filled with doubts on whether or not you are making the right decision. You’re thinking if the relationship is the right one that you need to fight for and if you’d regret throwing it away. You don’t know if you’re over exaggerating the problems you have and if you let this one go, you don’t know if you’d ever find love again.

These questions are those everyone that is on the verge of breaking up a relationship asks. Some even go on to ask if they’d ever be with a member of the opposite sex again, if they are jinxed to be alone or if they are too choosy in their choice of a partner.
While we can’t tell you if that relationship you’re in will last a lifetime, we can categorically tell you that love alone is not enough to sustain a relationship. Certain things would happen that will make you realize you have to let go. And here are some of those things and times.

When you have different life plans
The chances of a relationship going the long haul when the two people involved have different life plans are near zero. Take for instance you are the type that wants to settle down and have a dozen kids and your partner is the type that wants to travel round the world and doesn’t want children, it’s probably best you reconsider the relationship. Life plans are a very important part of your relationship and it is important to be with someone that have and want relatively the same things as you do.

When you have different ambitions
Chances are if you are an ambitious person that is self motivated and you have a partner that is mostly satisfied with his position and has very little motivation to move forward either at their jobs or life in general, a lot of problems might arise later on in your relationship.

When the attraction isn’t there
This is a problem given the fact that irrespective of how much you love someone, if you are not physically or sexually attracted to them, the relationship is bound to hit the rocks. Despite what people say, sex is actually a core ingredient of a healthy relationship. If you love your partner but you have no sexual desire for them, loving them is definitely not enough. You will be doing both yourself and your partner a great disservice if you stay in a relationship with very little sexual commitment and unsatisfactory physical attraction.

When there’s too much baggage
Of course, everyone has a form of baggage or the other which comes from our past that is mostly not pretty. However, some baggage might just not be tolerable enough for you as they are too much to bear and handle. Some baggage are ingrained so deep that it is difficult for you to fix and it inadvertently puts a strain on your relationship. It is mostly difficult to accept and move on with people that mostly dwell on their baggage.

When they have hurt you too many times
In your mind, you know when you’ve had enough of the emotional and sometimes physical hurt that you constantly get. There’s no way a relationship can survive a relationship bedevilled with too much hurt irrespective of how much love existent therein. It does you no good to play the role of a martyr, get out of the relationship because you deserve way better than that.

When you’ve outgrown them
A lot of people can relate to a situation where they mature faster than their partner in the relationship. This is mostly awkward especially if it is the woman that it happens to. Unfortunately, this is a relationship breaker if you always find your partner throwing tantrums. It is evident that what you feel isn’t enough if they can’t grow with you.

When you need more from him
If you find yourself in a scenario where you’ve been dating for a while and they are still shy of commitment and you realise that you need more from them than they are willing to give, it is perhaps the right time to break up and move on with your life. They might change after they realise that they have lost you or that might be the end of the relationship, either ways, you’re better off away from them while they make up their minds.

Well, the truth is love is a beautiful thing and as such it is essential to always give your all in a relationship so as not to look back in the future and have regrets. This does not however mean you should tag along in a relationship that is not working. Most times love is a strong enough foundation for any relationship but at some other times just like the 7 Things above, it isn’t enough and you should just get out of the relationship.



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