6 Reasons Why Men Go Back To Their Ex For Sex

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Well, sex has some sort of crazy hold on humans and animals alike but if statistics that say men think about sex every 7 seconds are anything to go by, then people going back to their exes for sex shouldn’t be much of a surprise. While it seems to hold truer for men to always think about sex, this makes the possibility of men going back to their ex for sex when horny higher than it is for the womenfolk (even though this may not hold true in every situation).

More so, getting an ex off one’s mind is a hard call if you add the fact that you may once have had some scintillating sexual make outs with them. We all know going back to your ex for anything at all ( including sex) is a bad idea and as such, we bring to you 6 Reasons why men go back to their exes for sex and why it is an entirely bad idea for men and women to do so.

You’re familiar

The fact that you know them so well and you have absolutely no reason whatsoever to impress them, figure out the things they like or go ballistic with their sexual fantasies makes it easier to have uncomplicated sex with your ex. These things hold true for both of you as being with a familiar body you know in and out is appealing even though you have it at the back of your mind that it won’t last. Having sex with your ex will surely not make you get over them, neither will it help you start a fresh relationship.

You’re available

Well, it’s obvious that the ex is always available and if anyone is looking for a quick lay, the ex is the first point of call. The ideal thing to do is to prevent compromising situations such as spending private moments with them, having more drinks than you can take or answering their late night calls.

They want closure

A couple of times, you’d hear them say, “Just one last time, then I’ll be over you.” A Lot of girls in the ex category would probably have heard this excuse time and time again. The simple truth is that it is very rare for sex to make you realise that the two of you aren’t meant to be together or make you feel like it is “really over” as sex is bound to bring the two of you closer. It’s never really over if you’re having sex, simply because…err, you’re having sex.

He wants to win you back

Truth is a man may actually want to have sex with his ex because he wants her back. Sex releases a lot of powerful emotions which can be difficult to refuse. Hugging alone releases a lot of chemical reactions that elucidates bonding, talk more of naked sexual romps. Thus, his plan with having sex with an ex could be to get back in the game. If you aren’t interested, stay away from sex with the ex.

He wants a friend with benefits

Ready for more truth? The friends with benefits conundrum never wanes. It is difficult to have a casual sexual relationship with your ex. The truth is having a friends with benefits relationship with your ex will only stop you from moving on with your life as it may prevent you from dating other people as you may subconsciously feel you still have a boyfriend even though he’s nothing like what you want.

He misses you

This might sound so sweet, but it is definitely not a good reason to jump in bed with him. It is normal to miss someone and it is part of the grieving and recovery process of getting over an ex. If you end up having sex with them again, the process begins all over again.

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