5 Signs Your Spouse Has An Ego Problem

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Ego addiction is a real problem facing today’s society. Ego addiction is characterised by always trying to seek consent and approval of your conscious self. In the world of today where celebrities are always trying constantly to outshine one another in a race to be at the top, ego addiction has become a common occurrence. Not too long ago, John Mayer announced to the world in an interview that he was on the road to recovery from his addiction to his ego. Unsurprisingly, he blamed some of his flirty antics on ego addiction. It is however important to note that ego addiction is not limited to males or celebrities only, even though the two groups seem to have a higher percentage of cases in which they occur.

Moreover, due to the fact that people with an ego problem are constantly seeking validation, they tend to become maniacs and intolerable of the negative opinions of others of themselves. So, come along with us and discover some interesting signs that might just indicate that your spouse is an ego addict.

They Look at Every Situation in Terms of How It Affects Them
This is one of the most glaring and unmistakable signs of someone with an ego problem. They view and analyse everything from the point of view of their own convenience. Take a scenario where you had a quarrelsome day at work and you get back home only to hear your spouse say he or she wish that you’d be in a better mood. You decide to cook a meal for them even as tired as you are and they complain so much of how long it’s taking for the meal to be ready. These are glaring signs that they only consider themselves and you’re just a tool to be used.

They are used to saying “I’m Going to Need You To…” All the Time
Whether they are talking to you, their parents, maid, waiter or someone they seem to have a liking for, egomaniacs are fond of people waiting on them and they would most probably frame their statements in terms of what they require people to do for their convenience. To them, they are the boss and everyone around is their subordinate. The sooner you walk away, the better except you want to live your life answering to the beck and call of someone who should be your equal.

You’ve been together for months and they remember next to nothing about your family
If you’ve been with your spouse for a while and they can’t remember details about you such as your hometown, names of your siblings or your favourite colour, then they’ve got a problem. Whereas you know all about them right up to the minute details. This obviously shows that you’re nothing more than a tool to them and you’re probably one of a very few people that can tolerate and listen to their self adulation details.

They Constantly Want you to tell them how beautiful they are
Ego addicts will constantly seek for approval and one of the things they enjoy revelling in is being constantly told how sexy, beautiful or handsome they are. They want you to constantly applaud their physical traits to validate the amount of effort they put into themselves. At some point, you’re bound to get tired of this, except of course your self esteem is low.

They Talk for So Long, that they forget you’re there
Well, some of the positive things to take away from dating an ego maniac is that you really don’t have to think up much when it comes to having a conversation with them as they are mostly talkative with a knack for witty and interesting things. They could talk for hours without requesting your input (which would be limited to a few Wows) for the entire length of the conversation. As a matter of fact, they are barely interested in a two-way conversation and will rather want you to listen to them talk.

Lastly, it is up to you to determine if you want to stay in such relationship but know that anyone or anything that limits your self esteem and worth is not worthy of you.



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