5 Common Sex Mistakes Men Make

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Think you’re the expert in the bedroom? You know all the tricks to make her squirm and scream, make her crave for more? Well, you just may not be such a sexpert as you think you. You may be making some of these mistakes highlighted below:

1.       You Don’t “Set” The Scene:

You’ve probably heard it a million times that it takes a lot to turn a woman on. We are not wired like you guys that get turned on just by “looking”. So, it is very essential that you set the scene right. We are not asking for rose petals, scented candles, chocolates (although it won’t hurt if we get these things once in a while). At least tidy up your apartment, put everything rightly that will make us comfortable enough to have sex with you. We may not complain about the dirty boxers littering everywhere but we will really appreciate it if you pay more attention to the scene; it will make us feel really wanted and special. I mean, will you feel comfortable having sex with us amidst dirty pants and bras?

2.       You Skip Foreplay A Lot:

If you belong to the class that think foreplay is a little French kiss, random breast smooching and sucking, you’re very wrong. We don’t like it when you just cut to the chase; it makes us feel unappreciated. Touch us everywhere; there are so many of our body parts that are very sensitive and we will like you to explore. Take your time, no rushing (except if it is a quickie). Foreplay prepares for the main action, wets our appetite and makes us even more responsive during the main thing.

3.       Being Selfish:

Most of the time you think we are the ones enjoying all the work when most times, what goes on in our head is “what the heck is this guy doing?”.  All the styles and whatever tricks you’re pulling off may not even be getting to us and that’s because you don’t bother with what we really want. You’re not the only as it takes two to tango, so don’t get carried away and get ahead of yourself. Pay attention to how she responds to your touches and how she acts when you do certain things. So, it doesn’t matter the “quantity” of work you put in but the “quality”.

4.       Trying Too Many Things At The Same Time:

We are adventurous, we want to try as many things; even more, as you guys. We want to explore and get steamy with you but we dont  want to feel like we are being rushed. So, take it one step at a time. We don’t have to do all the sex positions in a day, we still have a lot of time to experiment. Take it easy, introduce new positions slowly. Fulfill her fantasies but don’t do it all at once else she will get bored and dread sex with you in no time.

5.       Disrespecting Her:

Pornographic movies may have taught men to say silly things to their women. In their world, it may be termed as sexy but in real life, it is very disrespectful. Don’t go calling your woman a bitch or something so silly just because you heard it in the last porn you watched. If you’re used to using silly, derogatory names on women during sex, be careful as not everybody likes it. If it is a new woman, make sure you experiment or talk it out with her. Once you’re sure she likes it, you’re free to go ahead with it but if she doesn’t, drop it fast. It will only ruin your relationship; that’s if it is a serious one.

There are also other mistakes you make while having sex like being too bossy with her; we love to be in charge sometimes too. Never assume you know what makes her tick, be open to learn about her body. Communicate openly what you want and let her talk about what she wants too. The key to making a girl come back for more is to fulfill every one of her sexual fantasies as she would fulfill yours.

Alice Temitope Dako

Alice Temitope Dako

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