#360DIY: How To FIx False Lashes

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What you need:

-False Lashes

-Lash glue


-A flat surface where you can put the lash glue


Step 1: put the lashes on your eyes to size it to make sure it fits perfectly. you don’t want it to be too long or too short for you.




Step 2: if the lashes are too long for you, use a sharp scissors to trim them down. Trim them down to achieve a more natural look. The lashes should be longer towards the outer corner of the eye.




step 3: put the lash glue on a flat surface or just put it at the back of your palm.




Step 4: apply the glue at the outer seam of the eyelash with a thin smooth stick.




step 5: place the lashes carefully on your lashline. do it gently so you don’t have lash glue all over your eye lid. it is best to leave glue on the lashes for 15 seconds before placing them on your eyes.




step 6: apply mascara to blend the falsies with your natural eyelashes. then, with an eyeshadow brush, apply black matte shadow on the seams. this will make it look natural and hide any glue sticking out. it will also make glue dry even faster.



Apply another light coat of mascara to finish it off. You may add glitters to it for dramatic effect; just little so you don’t come off looking ridiculous.

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image credit: rainbows artistry bbm channel, storify.com

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