21-Year-Old Nigerian Stabs Mother 40 Times In The Head, Neck, Upper Limbs; Bags Life Sentence In UK

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A 21-year-old Nigerian has been handed a sentence which will see him spend the rest of his life behind bars in the United Kingdom after he was found guilty of killing his mum.

Emmanuel Kalejaiye who was diagnosed with mental ailment, back in September 2013 stabbed his mother, Tolu Kalejiaye, 41, to death

He was said to have stabbed his mother 40 times in the head, face, neck and upper limbs.

The deceased until her death was an Accountant with the Camden Council in England.

“I admit killing my mother by stabbing her. I did this because she subjected me to a lifetime of physical and mental abuse.” Emmanuel said while confessing to the crime.

“She used the Bible to rationalize what she did to me. I believe she manipulated and brainwashed me. I have been very depressed for a long time. I have tried to overcome it but I couldn’t take it anymore”. He added.

The accused was in April 2014 found guilty of manslaughter and not murder due to his mental ailment.

He was convicted on June 18, following a telephone evidence the deceased made to her boyfriend when she was being stabbed.



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