You Won’t Believe The Game Of Thrones Cast Member Who Is Saving Her Virginity For Marriage

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Her face may not be popular on the show, but her body is.

The 18 year old body double of the show’s star, Emilia Clarke has revealed that although she is eighteen, she has been engaged twice and she intends to keep her virginity intact until she gets married.

And in a world where virginity is not exactly something anyone cares about, several questions come to mind; like how possible can it be for her to do this?

But trust 18 year old, Rosie Mac to have it covered.

Rosie Mac

Rose states that she has got high morals and even though men keep sending nude pictures of themselves into her social media accounts, she is not bothered and she would save herself for marriage.

Rosie Mac is beautiful and still very young, so this is not a bad resolve but can she really keep it intact till she marries? Remember for someone like her who has been engaged twice already at eighteen, marriage might be at nineteen.

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