Why There Is Nationwide Fuel Scarcity

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The toll the recent fuel scarcity is having on Nigerians is one of the worst ever in recent times.

The reason for the fuel scarcity is due to an ongoing strike by marketers who are discontented with the government which owes them payment to the tune of N156 billion.

The Federal Government yesterday made moves to pay the marketers their due, but the Executive Secretary, Depot & Petroleum Products Marketers Association(DAPPMA), Odufemi Adewole, told PREMIUM TIMES in a telephone interview that none of its members and their counterparts in the Major Oil Marketers Association(MOMAN), had confirmed receiving any payment.

If no money had actually been paid to the banks by yesterday, Thursday, then the scarcity will continue for some few days till Monday when the transaction can actually be carried out.

The marketers have made it clear that they will not get back to distributing fuel till they get payment.

To make it worse, Mr. Adewole said the government was actually owing a total of N256 billion, but it was only paying N156 billion, without any mention about the balance of N100 billion.

“Who is going to pay that N100 billion for subsidy?” he asked.



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