Why Being A Baby Mama Is Not Such A Bad Thing

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Being a single mother is not entirely a bad thing as we have been made to believe over time. Women who give birth out of wedlock or are divorced are often seen as people with lack of self control or those attributes that a married woman should supposedly possess and so, a baby mama is often prejudiced or stigmatized for making a decision to keep and raise her child all by herself. In this part of the world, it is a shameful thing to have a child without being married to the father of the child. It is also hard to find a man who will accept a woman with a child as a wife without being criticised by his family and friends. It is often crazy the way people talk these people down because being a baby mama does not automatically make you a terrible person.


You’re a woman with a child, not a woman with a contagious incurable disease. Besides, motherhood should be celebrated regardless of the circumstances surrounding it. In fact, standing alone to train a child shows the strength of a woman and should not be seen as weakness which is an admirable trait every woman should possess. And so, being a single mother is not such a bad thing and these are some of the reasons why:


#1. They Are Good Role Models For Independence: a baby mama does almost everything on her own. She cooks, cleans, plays with the kids, help them with assignment, and is the bread winner of the house, fixes things at home and this shows a woman who can get things done without waiting for a man to do them for her. Her children see this and learn how to be independent without relying on others to help solve their problems.


#2. They Are Empowered: it is hard to find a baby mama who just spends her day in her bedroom or at the salon. Most baby mamas work very hard to provide for their children and so, single mothers are hardworking women who are empowered to do great things. Their drive to excel is enviable.


#3. They Have The Upper hand On The Values Their Children Are Raised With: with a single mother, the kids have almost just the mother to learn morals from. There is no heavy alcohol consumption to keep the kids away from or the heavy smoking. It is just the kids and the mom, so she can train the children well as she wants.


#4. Tight Family Bond Is Created From Fighting For Survival: tight family bonds are created when children and mother fight survival wars together. The days when they have no food or money or the basic amenities they so crave, they turn to themselves and encourage each other. It also makes them understand the ups and downs that comes with life and help them appreciate the good things better.


#5. They Are Superheroes: single mothers who get it right all the time are just superheroes. It is not so easy to be the father and mother to the kids at the same time. It is hard to be the breadwinner and caretaker of the home. Hence, baby mamas are superheroes. They deserve nothing but the best for going extra mile to raise well trained children.


So, if you think baby mamas are terrible people, you need a re-think. These wonderful women deserve trophies for doing all it takes to make their children better people.

Alice Temitope Dako

Alice Temitope Dako

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