What Tife Thinks Of Empire Season 1 [SPOILERS]

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I actually I’m not proud of what I’m about to say, but I will anyways. I read the synopsis on Empire and felt this would be crap, it won’t even make it past a season. How wrong I was.

Now, you can’t blame me. I rated empire based on other black TV series out there. Empire is like Power, you know that 50 cents produced series, Power started good, but lost the traction it once had or probably never had. Then there is Black-ish, the total failure of a comedy based on a black family. Now see, I’m not racist or anything, but two black series were just a waste of bandwith and I didn’t feel like starting one I felt would be crap. When I start a series I’m in it for the long haul, just like Grey’s Anatomy, Season 11 and counting.

When I heard Empire got ‘cancelled’ I felt I was right after all, then everyone was pissed it got cancelled. White people and blacks and brown and yellow (the distinction is necessary, still not racist). I just decided to check it out, downloaded the whole season, cause I like to binge watch.

I didn’t stop until I finished the whole season, it was mindblowing, awesome, captivating, top notch and to top it all off, the main characters are all black.

From the first episode with the singing and the introduction of Lucious Lyon to the jailing of the immortal Lucious Lyon, I was engaged.

Empire is about a family that runs a music dynasty or empire if you may, Empire Records the company is called. CEO of the empire Lucious Lyon has three sons and wants to start grooming the one that will take over after he is gone, see Lucious has ALS.

First son Andre Lyon is the company’s CFO, book smart and not street smart, no musical talent of the sort, went to Wharton so business major, but he is married to a white woman and there’s no way Lucious is leaving his dream to someone who hasn’t been in the business. Now, Andre will do anything to swap the F in CFO for an E, his equally crazy wife will do anything to help. Does he get it though?

Now there’s Jamal Lyon, the middle son, his father on steroids. He really is the most talented. Dude can sing, but unfortunately he swings the other way and that won’t roll with the Black community. Jamal never got his Father’s love, there’s this flashback they keep showing, of a very young Jamal crossdressing and his very angry father dumping him in the trash can like, well, trash. Jamal is so talented. Does he get the key to the empire?

Then there is this childish talented rapper, Hakeem Lyon. Dude has bars and the obvious heir to the throne. Hakeem is so childish, throwing tantrums and stuff, but he is daddy’s favourite. Does he get the baton?

Now there’s Cookie, Lucious’s ex-wife. Cookie did 17 years in jail because she didn’t want to turn on her husband. See, Cookie is crazy, she’s mental. When she got released from jail, she had this idea of getting back what’s hers. She helped Lucious start his career, practically created him. Lucious wasn’t ready to let go. See hands down, Cookie is my favourite character and yours, you just don’t know it yet. She brings so much life to the camera.


She said that during the family dinner after finding out Anika, Lucious’s new thang was spying on her. Then followed it with this.


Crazy right? She says what’s on her mind regardless of who gets hurt.

This was one thing she said I loved.

cookie lyon

Okay, I’m going to stop worshipping Cookie.

I really love the series and can’t wait for the second season which airs September 23.

It is so captivating and engaging. The music is top notch, best believe I already copped the album. The drama is engaging and has you wanting more. A recurring theme is the betrayal and the constant scheming of Andre, the pathological lying of Lucious Lyon. One thing you can count on is the music, the awesome acting and the ever constant drama.

It is a must see.

You were not expecting me to tell you who got the baton yeah? Find that out yourself, I’ve shared enough spoilers.



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