What Is Going On Between Nene Leakes And Wendy Williams?

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Uh oh the room just got darker…

One less Christmas card from each women.

Nene Leakes and Wendy have not been each other’s fans for a while and so it is no surprise that they don’t run in the same circles.

But, not talking to each other or doing stuff together is one thing, actually throwing shade is another.

While the two women spoke at an event a few days ago, Nene Leakes threw shade at Wendy Williams and it was so bad, Wendy’s Williams had to raise hell backstage.

At some point when the insult became too much, Ms Williams apparently abandoned her book signing and left. Oops!

Nene has taken to Twitter to state she did not fight publicly or raise her voice at Wendy but she clearly did not state if she was throwing jabs at her on purpose or not.

Wow, hopefully this does not degenerate to something bad.




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