What Did You Say Rita Ora’s Mouth Did To You Again, ASAP Rocky?

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Rita Ora might just be the most ridiculed Artiste in Hollywood.

Rita who a few years ago, got a couple of tweets dedicated to her from her ex, Rob Kardashian, also got barred by her most recent ex, Calvin Harris, from performing a song he produced for her causing her to cancel a high profiled performance.

And like all of that ridicule was not enough, while we are trying to move on and forget, another Artiste has dragged Rita Ora.

And it is none other than ASAP Rocky.

ASAP Rocky in the lyrics of his new song, Better Things, spat the following lyrics about the beautiful singer:

“I swear that b**ch Rita Ora got a big mouth / Next time I see her might curse the b**ch out… 

Kicked the b**ch out once cause she b**ched out / Spit my kids out, j***ed up all in her mouth and made the b**ch bounce”

Spit his kids out? Well, that only translates to one thing, Rita Ora didn’t swallow.

While this is gross to discuss and totally causing us to raise our eyebrows at ASAP Rocky, we cannot help but wonder if it truly happened.

ASAP Rocky does not seem to have regard for women though, as he only recently admitted to having orgies after getting under the influence of drugs.

But maybe he needs to shut his mouth more often? And stop being the big mouthed individual he is accusing Rita of being.




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